Buttons on Master Slide does not maintain state

May 17, 2015

Please help! Custom course navigation buttons in slider master do not maintain state even with custom states or True/False variables. I have set button states to change based on True/False variable value and trigger to change when timeline starts but it's not working. The button links work but button states reset if the learner clicks again on any visited button.

I want free flow functionality, meaning the learner should be able to click on any button (see attached story). When the user 1st clicks on a button (on left) it should change state to "Selected" and then if he revisits the same button or any other button, then that button should change to "Visited". Please help me. Thanks.    

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Arttun Farom

Hi Hassan, Christie, and All of Articulate Community,

The solution you provided was exactly what I was looking for in terms of e-learning functionality for my courses. So a BIG thank you to Hassan! Your prompt response has touched my heart and let me tell you that I am in awe of Articulate Storyline and it's staff. Kudos!

I was initially planning to switch to Captivate 8 thinking Articulate Storyline has feature weaknesses, but I am wrong. I love Storyline and all it's features like no other software. Thank you! 

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