Callout shape timing issue for screen recordings - freeze objects

May 07, 2012


I am trying out Storyline to create a screen recording, that is being set to be interactive.

The user is having to click on a hotspot to continue to the next slide.

I am having a problem with the callout shapes not remaining on the slide.

I want the shape to stay on the slide until the the user clicks on the hotspot.

However the shape fades out (the exit animation) before the user clicks the hotspot.

How can I stop that from happening?

If remove the exit animation, and then the object will stay on the slide until the user selected the hotspot.

However then the animation to the next slide was strange. The callout shape remained shown on the next slide for a few seconds. Making the between slide animation look a bit jumpy.

Do you have any advise on the best way to get this working?


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Tom Kuhlmann

You have a few options. The caption is on a layer. And in the layer you have the caption. That has an entrance and exit animation.

You could turn off the exit animation. So the caption will always display until the layer is turned off. When the user clicks the hotspot, they'll go to the next slide. Which is I think what you did. You could always duplicate the caption layer. Then get rid of the entrance animation and keep the exit animation. Set a trigger when the user clicks the hotspot, it goes to the other layer which makes the shape animate out and then have a trigger that advances to the next slide at the end of the timeline.

But going back to the issue with the animation on the next slide, once you transition to a new slide, the caption shouldn't be hanging on the next slide. Is there a way to create a screenr to show what's happening? Sometimes it's hard to know without seeing the way the slides are built.

Another option is change the hint captions in the options window you have above. Have the captions always display.

Melanie Bunting

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your reply.

I wasn't sure how to report the issue to support, as I'm using the trial version of storyline to create a test video of our product.

I will try out the extra layer option to get the video going for now.

We didn't really need any out animations, I just didn't want the callout to show on the following slide too.

Thanks again for your help!


Melanie Bunting

Hi Tom,

I found that the easiest way to get around this issue was to adjust the timing of the objects on the next slide.

If you set the item on slide 2 to start at .5 seconds, then it never crashes with the callouts from slide 1 that runs till the end of Slide 1.

Also I set the callout on Slide 1 to have no out animation, and this is keeping the callout on the slide until the user clicks on the hot spot too. Which is just what I was after.

This seemed to be less steps than adding an extra layer for the out animation.

I just thought i'd update this post, in case anyone else finds it useful too.



Mike Collins


Slightly different issue with me - I've been using the trial copy partly to evaluate the screen record option (I currently use uPerform). When doing a playback using try mode, I'm getting the hint caption from the previous step remaining on the new step once I click to that new step. It seems it doesn't refresh. I use similar settings to those above but 'Always' show the hint caption, rather than 'Hover'.


Mike, Dochester UK.

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