Can a quiz answer be changed if the quiz is resumed?

May 04, 2014

it seems that when a quiz with "resume saved state" is revisited, the previous answer cannot be changed.  Is there a way to have a revisited quiz show the previous answer, and allow the answer to be changed?

If not, is there a way that I can conditionally control whether a quiz resets to initial state or resume from saved state when the quiz is revisited?

Here's what I am trying to accomplish...  My course will have approximately 70 lessons, and each lesson will have about 5 quiz questions.  For a number of reasons, I will need to lump all of this into a single scene.  For each lesson, I want to use the same set of quiz questions as both a pre-test and a post-test.  As a pre-test, if a student passes the questions with 100%, they can move on to the next lesson.  If they miss any questions, the student is directed into the full lesson, and eventually back to the test a second time.  This iteration continues until all quiz questions for that lesson are answered correctly.  What I want to do is have any questions that were previously answered correctly resume with that correct answer, and any questions that were previously incorrect reset so that the student has to answer that question again.  I can use variables to track whether each question has been previously answered correctly, but I cannot find a way to  use that variable to control whether the quiz resets or resumes.

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Hassan Altaf Qazi

Hey Stuart!

Yes, "resume saved state" does not let the user choose answers again....what u can do is create a new state for all the answers with the option checked and marked cross for the wrong options and marked correct for the right option. Create a true/false variable for each option with a default value of false.. Say option one is will have a new state with option checked and a cross besides if the user clicked option one....set a trigger on the slide....adjust variable to true when user clicks button 1.....set another trigger....adjust variable to false when user clicks button 2 with condition if variable 1 is true.....Likewise create a variable for every option and set same two triggers for every option after all these triggers are set....create a new trigger to change state of option 1 to new state(the one in which the option is checked and have a cross mark besides it) when time line starts if variable 1 is true...

Do set the property of slide to "reset to initial state when revisiting." And keep all the options in one button set.

Best of luck!

Stuart S.


Thank you for the tips on how to do what I need.  I tried to do what you suggested, but I am a little confused on how to implement what you described.  Would it be possible to create a simple example with a true/false quiz and a multiple-choice quiz and upload it?   Feel free to decline that request if you don't have the time or for any other reason -- I can keep tinkering until I figure something out.

Also, defining a true/false variable for every possible answer for every quiz will require around 1200 variables for my complete course.  Is there a limit to how many variables I can have in one scene?

Thanks again!

Stuart S.

Thank you for the example, Hassan.  There was a minor bug for Button D, where two triggers set its value, but that was easy to detect and fix.

After lots of experimenting, I was able to find a simpler approach that does what I want -- EXCEPT FOR WHAT APPEARS TO BE A BUG IN STORYLINE PLAYER for one corner case. 

I set up each quiz to allow unlimited attempts, and deleted the text from the "Try Again" Feedback.  I set the slide properties to resume saved states when revisiting.  I added a single T/F variable called "Q1IsCorrect" for each quiz (the Q number is different for each quiz).  The Correct layer for the quiz sets the this variable to True, and the Incorrect layer sets the variable to False.  Finally I added two more layers for each quiz that I called "Previous Answer Correct" and "Previous Answer Incorrect".  Each time each the Quiz starts, I show the "Previous Answer Correct" layer if the "Q1IsCorrect" is true AND the built-in "AttemptCount" variable is greater than 0.  Conversely, "Previous Answer Incorrect" layer if the "Q1IsCorrect" is false AND the built-in "AttemptCount" variable is greater than 0.

This ***ALMOST*** works perfectly.  The first time the quiz is taken (as a pre-test), none of the layers show, and the student must answer each question.  The "Try again" feedback is not displayed if the answer is wrong.  When the test is retaken at the end of the lesson, either the appropriate "Previous Answer Correct" or "Previous Answer Incorrect" layer is displayed.  Correct answers cannot be changed, and incorrect answers can be changed.  The test can be retaken until all answers are correct.

I like it -- EXCEPT FOR A BUG IN THE PLAYER!  I have the Next and Prev navigation buttons turned off in slide properties so that students can only click the submit button.  This soluton works perfectly when quiz is revisited and previous answer was incorrect.  BUT, when the quiz is revisited AND the previous answer was correct, the "Next" and "Prev" buttons suddenly appear in the Player, even though these buttons are turned off.  It a student clicks on the Next or Prev button on a quiz that was previous answered correctly, and comes back to that same quiz page, "Previous Answer Incorrect" layer is shown, even though the previous answer was correct.  Further, because the previous answer was correct, the answer cannot be changed.

Why are the Prev and Next buttons suddenly appearing in the player for just this one condition, even though they are turned off for the slide? How do I get rid of them?

I also have the Seekbar turned off for the Quiz slides.  The Seekbar was also appearing under just this one circumstance (the page is revisited and the previous attempt was correct).  I was able to get rid of the Seekbar by turning it off in the Player setup properties, and enabling it on just the slides where I want the Seekbar.  This does not work for Prev and Next buttons, however, because there is no way to turn them off in the Player setup form.

Stuart S.

Hassan (or anyone else who has run into this bug...)

I have attached a Storyline file that illustrates the bug.  This example only contains three types of Quiz questions.  All other content from the lesson has been removed, and the questions are not the real questions.

The bug that I see is that on the second pass through the quiz, any previously correct answers suddenly have a "Prev" button, even though that button is not enabled in the slide navigation. 

Note that I am using the "Next" button to both submit an answer and move to the next quiz.  The bug is slightly different if the "Submit" button is used instead.  Then both a "Prev" and a "Next" button appear for questions previously answered correctly, even though these buttons are disabled in the navigation, and the "Submit" button disappears.

This bug of having the Prev button appear allows students to cheat.  They can answer a quiz, go forward to the next quiz, and then use the Prev button to go back and see if they answered the previous question correctly.  As a pre-test, this is not a good thing.  If students miss pre-test questions, the course is intended to send the student into the full lesson.  The unwanted Prev button allows the student to just keep guessing on the answer until they get it right.

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