Can data inputed by learner be used as a condition without LMS?

Thanks in advance for any response to my question.

I'm developing a prototype to be used by our organisation for orientating new employees. SCENE 1 consists of the following 3 slides:

  • Slide 1 the learner is asked to type in their first and last name and then press "Enter".
  • Slide 2 the learner is given their user name and password which are based on the information they entered. For example, if the learner entered the name Mary Jones on the first slide the second slide will show "Your User Name is: Mary.Jones. Your password is: Mary123". (This is what I did to make this work: "Your user name is "%FirstName%.%LastName%" and "Your password is %FirstName%123".)
  • Slide 3 shows them a log on page that is identical to the one they will use on our Intranet system. They are asked to type in the user name and password that they were given on slide 2. In Mary's case she would type "Mary.Jones" for her user name, and "Mary123" for her password.
  • After typing in their user name and password and clicking "Log On" they progress to SCENE 2 which is a menu of options where they can choose which part of orientation they want to do first.

What I have been trying to find today is how to create a condition that requires the learner to enter the specific user name and password they have been given. So, in Mary's case, if she does not enter "Mary.Jones" for user name, and "Mary123" for password she should see a message telling her that either her user name or password is incorrect and asking her to try again. At the moment it doesn't matter what you enter on slide 3, you always progress to Scene 2.

So, is there a way to create a condition that references the user name and password they will be given without needing an LMS? (Our organisation is in the early stages of the LMS procurement process and I have to present the prototype before the LMS is purchased.)

If such a thing simply isn't possible without an LMS, no worries. At least I know and can stop trying to discover or figure out a way to do it.

Again, thanks in advance for any help provided,



PS: By the way, Articulate Storyline is the first eLearning authoring program I've used and I only started working with it in late December.

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