Can Glossary entries be used as "text help"-bubble when a user mouse over an entry ?

May 23, 2018

Most of the entries in have in the glossary are acronyms. It would be great for the user to be able to see the definition of the acronyms when mousing over it, maybe like one of those context-help bubble.

Is that possible ?


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Joe Tansengco


May I suggest using hover states to achieve this effect? Basically, the way this works is, you can put a transparent shape with a hover state holding the definition of the acronym you wish to define. This way, when the mouse rolls over and triggers the hover state, you can set the transparent shape to display the text. 

I've found this blog to be very helpful in detailing how to achieve this. 

For your reference, you can find hover states in the section of the screen below:

Hope this helps!



Philippe JEANTY

Thanks Joe! Yes this is a good idea, but is was hoping for some "automatic" way to do that. Maybe some attribute that could be added to the text (like BOLD, but of course not that one) that i could paint the text and when the cursors hovers it would flip to a bubble help. 

The problem of hotspot and transparent shapes is that text will move during editing and I dont want to chase them over 800 slides !

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