Can I force my Storyline file to scroll in the browser? Creating a TALL storyline slide...

Nov 26, 2018

I realize it's possible to add a scrolling element to my slide, but what I want to do is size my storyline project so it scrolls via the browser.


For example, to view this webpage, you scroll down to reveal more content:



I'm building a pre-assessment for a course, and I want to display all the questions on the same slide. I'd like this entire slide to act like a modern webpage, where users scroll down to see more content. Is this possible?


Can we publish our courses to be so tall that they don't fit on the page and the browser automatically adds the scrolling feature? Or does the responsie nature of Storyline circumvent this and just resize every slide to fit the screen?


Here's my sample file:



I suppose I could do something similar in rise, but I wouldn't be able to carry variables across storyline interactions.

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