Can I have multiple correct drag object/drop target combinations?

Sep 16, 2014

Hi all,

Just wondering if it is at all possible to have multiple correct drop targets for a drag item.

What I am trying to do it to get students to label questions (there are 5) with the correct strategy for solving them (there are 3 strategies).

So... I have 5 drop targets and multiples of each of my 3 labels and I can't seem to make it work.

Has anyone done something similar?

All help, suggestions and advice welcome



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Danilo II Bocalig

Hi Guys,

I just want to share my progress from the help that i got from Ashley Terwilliger and specially Walt Hamilton. 
From the files Walt sent me i created a request to answer a quiz that should equal to the correct value.

Thank you so much again for the big help!!!


Catherine Austin

I am trying to use the example the Becky has above. I have everything set up exactly as she has it, but I am an issue, somehow one of the wrong answers, I have managed to get to drag, but the other 7 options will not become draggable.  What could I be doing wrong? in a freeform, what make an object draggable? the state of drop correct? I have attached the slide to this post.  The letter should be PASS. It is a super easy knowledge check. :) but I am not using the easier drag and drop set up because I want the two S's to be placed on either drop and for it to be considered correct. Hope this makes sense.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Catherine

it really helps if  you name your objects with recognisable names so you can tell if the triggers are working. In the first image from your file you are using rectangle 3 and rectangle 14 in the same trigger where the On object item should be the same as the Object item.


See attached I duplicated your slide - removed all the triggers and only triggered the letters PASS to work.  If you want the others to become draggable (to show the incorrect layer) you'd need to add triggers for those.


Lindsey Hillman

Thank you for this Rebecca - it really helped me figure out a solution to a similar style question in a quiz I'm working on.

The only thing I had to add was to add a 'drop incorrect' state and appropriate triggers to allow the answers to be dragged to any drop target and not snap back to the original place (in your example, to allow the yellow flower to be placed on the purple pot and this to be wrong).

Walt Hamilton

There is at least a slight possibility you might be able to make this work if you are absolutely certain the learner will solve it using a certain order of steps. At the beginning, make visible only the "10" that will be used first and after it is dropped, make the next one visible. All in all, that sounds pretty iffy to me, but you might make it work.

If it doesn't, here is a sample that allows multiple objects to be dropped on multiple targets. It is set to allow only one object per target.

Kelly Heslin

Hello all,

Hoping someone may still reply to this thread given its age... I've created a Pick One interaction to mimic a drag and drop with multiple drop targets as per Rebecca's instructions above. All is well, except that I continually receive an incorrect message, even when drag items are dropped correctly according to all triggers (that I can see!). I'd love some input, I've attached the file for review. 


Walt Hamilton

Two things:

I couldn't get it to drop right because the items only drop on correct drop spots. Maybe you want it that way, but if you don't you need to make the incorrect targets potential targets. If you create a regular drag and drop, you can identify which objects are potential drop targets. The only way you can do that using another kind of slide is to identify potential drop targets in a trigger. So I copied the triggers and changed them "Change state to Drop Incorrect" if person is dropped on wrong target. That way the person can be dropped on any target.

The other thing is that you were dropping them on groups. I used a group in SL once, and it worked the way I wanted. I think it was in 19...  No, wait. I'm thinking of another program, Maybe ...  Well, it doesn't matter; the point is that groups don't work in SL. Pretty much you can use groups, or you can have triggers and states that work, but not both. In the attached sample, I changed two of the groups to rectangles with words on them, and two of them to text boxes with a color fill. I would suggest that you can't tell by looking at them which is which, and you can't tell by looking which slide has the groups, and which has the rectangles and text boxes. You can tell them apart when you preview them; the one without the groups is the one that works.

Beth Case

Is there any update on a better way to have multiple drop targets? I want to have people sort items into "buckets" based on their own experience. There is no right or wrong answer, I just want to capture which "bucket" they put an item in. I've got it working, setting a variable depending on where they put it, but items they drag onto the targets get put on top of each other so you can't see them unless I assign a drop target. Then it looks fine for the "bucket" I said was the right answer, but still puts them on top of each other for the other "bucket". All I'm trying to do is let the answers be spread around so you can see and move them once they're in a bucket.

Walt Hamilton

Part of Kelly's problem was that she needed the program to declare the result Correct or Incorrect. If you don't have to have a right or wrong answer, you should be able to use a built-in Drag and Drop. That way you can take advantage of the  built-in options that Crystal mentioned. You can still use the variables you have to track the final drop locations.

Beth Case

If I tried to set them from the menu bar at the top, it didn't change anything. Still always snapped to the middle. If I declared a "right" answer (even though there isn't one), it worked for the target that was the right answer but still snapped to the middle for the "wrong" target. I finally got it to work by right clicking on the targets individually and setting the options there.