can I save the state of each user in a same course?

Oct 09, 2012

I have a question. There are some way that a same proyect in articulate storyline can distinguish different users, or to save information of each user. For example, I would like to know or save the page that each user have left it last time that he/she closed the course.

In other words, I have the problem that I have uploaded a course made in articule storyline to moodle server. And user A starts a course and, for example, he closes it in page 8. And the problem is when user B want to start, the course starts in page 8 and he must start the course in page 0.

Can I save the state of each user in a same course. Is there something to solve this problem?

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Matthew Graham

Are user A and user B using different logins and are listed as separate participants within Moodle?

I'm using Moodle as well and must meet the same requirements.  It works the way you want as long as your SCORM package is set to resume and each user is a unique participant within the course.  If this isn't working, look at the SCORM settings under the admin box, as  you may be using a different version than me.

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