Can Numeric Entry be 0 and sent to LMS

Nov 12, 2019

I am facing issue with sending Numeric Entry to LMS if it is "0" zero.

I have Pre and Post assessment in my course. I want user's Pre-Assessment score to be sent to the LMS.  To do so I have add Numeric Entry Question in the post assessment and assigned pre assessment scores to the Numeric Entry on timeline starts . This question is getting submitted on time line ends. Now I am able to see both the scores in the LMS report.

But the problem is, if pre assessment score is = zero "0".

Course does not sends "0" zero as value to the LMS it shows () "null" but if is not other then zero it's showing the value in the LMS report.

Can some one help me in this.

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Nilesh,

Thank you for reaching out about this! I am sorry that you are hitting this snag!

We are looking into a current issue where setting the variable of those slides to 0 when the timeline starts will cause the invalid answer to appear. A current workaround is to change the requirement in Form View to "User may skip."

I'll add this discussion to our report so we can update you with any changes to that behavior. If this doesn't match what's happening on your end, please let us know!

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