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Walt Hamilton

If the material is physically located on an internet host, anybody on the internet can access that site. Whether they can access the content depends on where and how it is published.

If you publish it to an LMS, people will be able to access it on the basis of the authentication (login) that the LMS requires.

If you publish to the web and put it on a server, anybody on the internet can find the server, but then it is up to the server settings whether the content is delivered to them. Articulate Review, SCORMCloud, Amazons3, Wordpress, wikis, are all examples of locations where you can publish, and I believe many of them allow you to restrict the access to the material.

Martin Keeton-Harrison

Hi Walt,

Thanks for your reply.

So to be clear, if I am publishing some learning I've created via Articulate 360 which is a HTML5 format and copy and paste the web link it provides once published, then use this link on an email for employees outside of the UK, they should be able to access the learning by clicking on the link?

Apologies if this seems like a silly question.

Thanks, Martin

Walt Hamilton

I created a test file here in the colonies, and published with HTML only to Articulate 360.

I emailed you the link. If it works for you, it should work in reverse (unless the out of country employees you refer to are located in China, or a country with similar internet restrictions.)

Local restrictions will override almost anything you can do, and be aware that that material will disappear if and when your subscription  to SL lapses.