Can't drag in a Drag & Drop

May 12, 2015

I have a freeform drag-and-drop slide (attached) that has an odd problem: when I preview the slide, I can't drag any of the drag items. I checked that they're all drag items (not drop items), and I checked the "drag return" setting on all the drag items.  I have the latest version of Storyline 2.  What's happening here, and how do I fix it?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi StatEase, 

David's works for me as he mentioned for A only - I know that grouping objects and than trying to use in a drag and drop can have some odd behavior, so if you're able to set everything up as David did and still having difficulty - could you look at creating that entire element as one object instead?

Matt Painter

Hi guys, just weighing in here. I have also experienced frustration with a drag and drop interaction in SL360 just now. I had made use of the great new icons from the Content Library, but found that some of them were too 'thin' for users to click on them easily. I added 'page-colour' rectangles behind the icons, then grouped them, and killed the interaction - now only random items will drag. I view this as a bug and hope that it can be fixed. Thank you.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Matt!

I'm happy to take a look at your file to see exactly what's happening with drag and drop questions!  Would you mind sharing it in this discussion by using the "Add Attachment" button? Or you can share it with me privately by using this link.

Either way, I'll test it out and share my findings!

Matt Painter

Hi Lauren, thanks for the offer but I have already had to move on and haven't kept a copy of the dodgy version.

When I discovered that the grouped objects were negatively impacting the drag and drop functionality, I replaced them all with (slightly underwhelming) text boxes instead - and these function OK.

As you test it out, I would suggest investigating by importing icons from Content Library, then grouping each them with a blank white square behind it - then see how it affects the drag and drop interaction - it became unstable for me running SL360 on a Windows PC with updates current.

Katie Riggio

Hi Jesse,

So sorry to hear you run into issues with the drag-and-drop interaction, but I'm glad you found a way around it! A few questions to help us nail down the cause:

  • What update of Storyline are you using? Click on the Help tab, then About Storyline.
  • Are you finding that only certain objects drag while others do not?
  • Are you comfortable with sharing the slide so we can try to replicate the experience? You can upload it privately here.

Any insight you can provide there would be much appreciated!

Shawna Stushnoff

This was driving me crazy, then I read your post and realized this was related to what I had done!  I renamed a couple of items in the timeline and it blew up the drag and drop.  I removed them all and added them back in and it works perfectly.  Makes sense now that I know what happened but it was rough trying to figure it out.  Thanks so much for your post!