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Leslie McKerchie

You will need to put the audio on the base layer then and set your layer to pause timeline of base layer. This should accomplish what you are looking for. 

The repeat is happening because it is on the base layer and the layer. I assumed you wanted it to stop after the user entered the answer since the audio was still instructing them on how to add their answer. I apologize for misunderstanding.

Nadja Sherelis

I fixed the audio with text entry problem. Now I have a new problem. It worked at one time, but now it's changed. The user has to answer 5 questions at the end. Passing score is 80%. User is allowed 2 chances. But even if I get all questions correct, I keep getting a return score that is odd and tells me I didn't pass. This worked at one point, now it doesn't. See attached file. Thank you.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nadja!

I'm not seeing an issue with the scoring of your quiz. I took it on my own the first time and got a horrible score, but then I took it and got 100% on the first go, then took it again and missed it the first attempt, but put the right answer on the second attempt. Every time the score was calculated correctly.

Where are you seeing this issue?