Can't get to restart a course/quiz again - might be variables issue

Dec 02, 2020

HI. Really stuck here. I have an interactive quiz set up that uses variables and conditions. If all questions aren't answered correctly a layer appears with a link giving the user the option to start again. However. when you do start again, after answering the first question this layer appears again - it should only come up at the end. This layer is based on a variable, but I have set it so that when the user clicks the 'try again' link, there is a trigger to reset the variable to '0'. 

I've tried different things, but can't get it to stop showing the try again layer when answering the questions again. 

Would appreciate any help.


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Sally Wiedenbeck

Do you have course files you can share here? It is hard to tell with these things without looking at the files.

My first thought would be that it could be a trigger order issue - for the triggers on the try again link, is the trigger to reset the variable at the top of the list, with the trigger to go back to the first quiz slide below it? If not, try moving the variable reset trigger to the top.

N barnes

Hi. Just checking.

Did you go through it and not answer all questions correctly; then click on try again; then answer questions again? When answering the questions again, there is a slight delay before the erroneous layer appears. On answering questions for the second time, wait a few moments. 

I've attached a screencast where i try the questions again. Q1 I complete the drag and drop straight away. On Q2 a delay my drag and drop just a moment and you see the error - with the try again layer coming up.


Chris Dale

Hi, the reason why that naughty little elf keeps popping up is because your show layer trigger is true. The reset scene slide number isn't resetting when you try again and as you've already been through the course the slide count is already at 11. Not sure why this isn't happening, it might be because it's one of the built in variables or it may be a bug. 

As a solution, you could create your own number variable and use that to track slide views instead as then reset that on trying again. Give it a go and let us know how you get on.