Can't restart a layers timeline


I appear to be having problems restarting a layer's timeline when revisiting it from its intitial state.

I have a layer which should 'Show', then play for 6 seconds and then execute some javascript code triggered when the layer's timeline ends. The javascript generates a random number to a variable and then there is a trigger to show another layer. This layer is then hidden. Everything works the first time the layer is shown.

Later the same layer is shown again and should generate another random number after 6 seconds but it is not. I have some trace text displaying the variable value and it is not changing. I have set the layer revisit option to 'reset to initial state'.  I believe this plays a layer's timeline again.

Is anyone else having problems replaying a layer's timeline from its initial state?


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Trevor White-Miller

Hi, have fixed the problem. I finally found a post which had the answer.

To get the layer timeline to play again without leaving this slide I needed to go into the slide properties and check 'hide this layer at end of timeline'. Unlike the other trigger options I could build to hide and show the layer this option actually replays the layer's timeline not just show the layer again.

So this option has a different behaviour to the normal hide/show triggers if you are not exiting and returning to the slide.

Jamie Jewer

Hey there,

I was trying to do something similar - I have an animation that runs on a timeline (on a layer within a tabbed interaction) and needed to provide a restart capability.

What I did was put 2 triggers on the restart button - first one hides the current layer, and the second one shows the layer again.

Works very nicely!



Mary Nagy

Hi all - LOVE the Articulate Community!

Working on a similar issue and have a question.

Does the main timeline restart when the user returns after viewing a layer?

My course had these behaviors:

  1.  The main layer has some images that change state based on the value of a variable.
  2. The variable was set to FALSEwhen the learner clicked the Next button on the previous page so the images are initially HIDDEN.
  3. The variable chages to TRUE when the user clicks a button to display the first layer,
  4. The images are not changing state to NORMAL when the layer is hidden and the user is returned to the main layer.

If the timeline restarts, I would expect the images to change state... but they aren't.  I have uploaded a slide so that you can see what I have done so far.

Thank you in advance for any help with this.

Mike Enders

Hi Glenda,

To you answer your question, if you click the gear icon on the base layer, you'll see that you can dictate the behavior of the slide when the learner is returned to the slide.   

However, in your case, the learner isn't moving away from the slide, rather, by clicking oval 1, they're simply triggering a layer to show on the current slide.  Hence, the slide (or base layer) isn't restarting (since you're still there).  As a result, your triggers to change the state of oval 2 to normal won't work because they're saying to do it when the timeline starts.  Given that the timeline already started, these triggers won't fire.


Alter your trigger on the base layer to say:

Change state of oval 2 to normal when displayWindow changes if displayWindow is equal to True.

This will then tell Storyline to constantly be on the look out for that variable changing versus just checking in at the timeline start.  

With that Said:

In your current example, if the goal is to simply have those ovals appear one after the other as the learner sequentially moves through them, then you don't need to use a variable.  You can accomplish the same outcome by evaluating and triggering state changes.  I've attached an example of this using your file. 

I hope this helps!