Can you adjust a slide duration without dragging the end point?

May 23, 2013

I know this has been asked before but I can't find an answer...

Is it possible to adjust a slide duration without dragging the end point?

I have a slide that is 900 seconds long.

It contains 10 seconds of audio and 890 seconds of silence. When using a seekbar the audio ends and the seekbar is only 5% full.

Every slide in my course is the same and it takes forever manually dragging the end point back to 10 seconds.

I just want a box where I can type in the number of seconds for slide duration, or to right-click on the time line and select "set end point".

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Thomas Smith

I tried this 6 years after this post and on SL360 if I drag the end and press left it doesnt jump to the end of the longest object it just jumps to the far left of the slide... so you still have to drag right to get it to the length you need... 

Why does Articulate so refuse to put a manual dialog box in to set slide length?  Its not rocket science...