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Jeff Clay

Thanks, Dennis.

That would work if there was a way to stop the timeline. For example, the layer I have animating in has a "Close" button on it to hide the layer. I'd like the layer to fly out when the close button is clicked. Is there a way to animate the slide layer when the close button is clicked? All I can see that Storyline can do is to just have it disappear with no animation.

Aaron Bryant

I know this is an old thread, but there still doesn't seem to be an actual fix, just the workaround. I was confused by the answer given by Phil and had to look at the file from Eric, so I'm going to reword it:

You have to essentially duplicate the layer you want to animate on exit, get rid of the entrance animations on the new layer, align all components to the playhead, add exit animations, and set the timeline to the length of the exit animations. After that, use triggers to tell the first layer to go to the second on exit, 


Hi, hate to reopen this thread but I can't seem to figure this out from looking at Phil's file. There is only a base layer, a single object, and a single trigger. Yet, when I click on the single object in preview, a brand new object magically appears. But I can't find that new object anywhere in the file. What is this wizardry?

Is it because I opened it in Storyline 3?

I've attached a screenshot of what I'm seeing in Phil's file, plus a screenshot of the preview after clicking on the Menu Button.

Thank you!

Ray Lewis

Can someone provide some explanation to Phil Mayor's solution posted above?

I dont see why the timeline is being paused and what the function of the variable is. What if someone click on the menu multiple times and the timeline ends? Does the menu stop working? Im confused, I just want to do an exit transition.