Cannot copy multiple choice questions (duplicating MC questions)

Nov 29, 2016

I am trying to build an exercise portion of my course and would like to have a number of multiple choice questions on several slides.  The question and choices will be approximately the same and the layout should be identical.  It's basically asking you to categorize an image into one of three choices.

I duplicated the first slide and changed the image for several slides.  However, I needed to make a change to the layout of MC choices.  When I go to copy and paste the objects, Articulate tells me I cannot copy the multiple choice objects.

This is doubly problematic because I can't just create MC questions on one of my template slides, instead I need to create a specialized MC slide and customize it all over again.  

What is the best way to create a large number of similar MC slides when you cannot C/P and cannot just add MC questions to any old slide?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Liam,

If you're looking to change the position of answers on the Multiple choice questions slides you've inserted, you should be able to move them around or change the dimensions, but they'll all move together. I'm not sure I understand the need to use the copy and paste functionality here, but you could also look at creating your own freeform pick one/many style questions and add in the radio buttons or checkboxes to accommodate what you need. 

So perhaps you'd want to create an initial template slide that you're duplicating, vs. duplicating an individual question slide to continue? 

Liam Currie

"So perhaps you'd want to create an initial template slide that you're duplicating, vs. duplicating an individual question slide to continue? "

Yeah that's what I originally wanted to do.  I have tried doing this now with a freeform slide and end up with the same content that I can now copy/paste to another slide.  It seems odd that by using the multiple choice slide option though I get the exact same setup but cannot duplicate it independently of the slide, yet I can with the freeform version.  It's unintuitive but I guess it works.  


Edit: it might not be clear, but I wanted to C/P questions onto a template slide that I duplicated and changed slightly between slides. I can do this with freeform questions but not the preset MC question setup from the slide options.

Liam Currie

After some more playing around, I've run into two new problems:

1. When I group the answers to avoid clutter in the timeline and to keep them as a nice movable set of objects I can't get the form view to see the objects inside of the group.  I can only set the entire group as a response choice to the question.  This makes the freeform option quite handicapped.  P.S. why is [group]&[ungroup] not on the right click menu? Why do I need to lookup hotkeys for this normal function?

2. The scene menu will no longer link new slides to the first slide.  The slides on the right hand side of the tree in my screenshot are the ones I created with the MC slide option and duplicated.  The one on the top left is the template version created with freeform questions.  The middle ones are the duplicates of that template or "new slides" which will not link to the original.  A side note though is that the slides have a trigger button to send you back to the original slide so maybe that is causing a problem?  I'm at a loss about this.  I figure it's just user error.

 Because I can't seem to get the attached image to open full screen: 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Liam,

Thanks for sharing those images. I wouldn't recommend grouping the choice items together, as you have seen it causes some unintended consequences. As far as the hotkeys you've used, the right click option should be available to you within Slide view but it is not a part of Form view. 

The linking that you're seeing the in left hand side menu are based on triggers, so if you're duplicating the slides those original triggers are probably still left there as well and causing the odd behavior you're seeing. 

The freeform questions allow for more flexibility in the sense that you add all the items onto the slide itself, vs the multiple choice style questions where it has a template and automatically will generate those items. When choosing the latter that also has a bit more locked in style and set up and based on the customizations you're looking to accomplish it may be worth building your own "multiple choice" questions using the freeform option. You can add in radio buttons, create them as a button set, and then be able to move them around the slide just as you're describing.

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