Cannot Get Rid of a Slide Master Layout

Here's a new one for me: I cannot delete a layout from a Slide Master set. The course has only eight pages, and none of them appear to use the layout.

  • I've manually inspected each page to see which layout it's using.
  • I put "FIND ME" in 72-point red bold type on the layout to help visually find it.
  • I closed and relaunched the file.
  • I quit Storyline 2 and relaunched.

No luck--Storyline still says that one slide is using it. Help.

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Side Master Layout

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Emily Ruby

Hello Bob,

Thank you for sharing the file. I went through each slide to see which one was linked to the slide master. When removing slide 1.2, the master was no longer used and could be deleted. See attached file.

You may want to try and recreate that slide and add it back into the original file. It may have been corrupted somehow.

Bob Wiker

It's a good technique and it's the technique I used before asking this question. Look at the images in the original question above. I created a text box on my Slide Master with large, 72pt red text that says "Find Me" and placed it diagonally to stand out.

In this case, however, it didn't help because the affected slide was corrupted. Consequently, it didn't show the giant-sized "Find Me" text that was part of its Slide Master.

Alis Nikolson

Does anyone know how to solve this same problem in Quizmaker 360? I have tried the trick of marking the master and ensuring all slides in the quiz are reassigned. At this point I am collecting useless masters that can't be deleted and they are corrupting multiple quizzes. It would take a LOT of work to rebuild them all from scratch. Any ideas?