Certificate Completion After Completing All Course Modules

Oct 26, 2016


I would like for users to be able to print out a certificate of completion, but the condition is that they must complete all of the modules.  My employer's LMS does not have a feature for printing certificates.  Is there a way to set this up in Storyline?  Thanks!

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Dave Cox

You can create a certificate by creating your certificate in an HTML file that you package with your course. In your course, create a link to this external HTML file. The external HTML file would then display the certificate formatted to fit a page, for example 8.5X11. The add a button to the page to send the certificate to the users printer. Set your CSS so the button displays on the web page, but not the printed page. When the user prints the page, they can select the printed output destination based on the OSs printer definitions.

This requires knowledge of HTML and CSS to set up, but it works fine. I did exactly this for a requirement that we had for external contractors.

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