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David Anderson

Hey George-

You're in the right place:-) The forums are a perfect place to share your source and published files.

Here’s a quick rundown of how the challenges work:

  1. Every Friday we post a new challenge. The challenges are always open so you can add examples to older challenges.
  2. Every Thursday we post a recap for the previous week’s challenge. Since the challenges are always open, I’m adding new entries to the current challenge and older challenges.

To participate in the current or previous challenges:

  1. Start a new forum thread with the challenge number in the title.
  2. Attach the zipped version of your published output. You’re welcome to share your source file too, but I only need the published files. 
  3. Take the link from your forum thread and paste it in the challenge comments. Posting your example in the challenge comments helps other users in the challenge find your example. That’s when I’ll update the recap to include your example.

Your project files

Since you only shared your source file, I went ahead and published and uploaded it to our servers: http://elearning-examples.s3.amazonaws.com/Weekly-Challenge/156-ImageEffects/GeorgeDamaskis/story.html

You can take that link and share it in challenge #156’s comments: https://community.articulate.com/articles/stock-photo-image-styles-and-effects

Glad to have you in the weekly challenges, George!