Challenge of spacing in text field using triggers

Nov 03, 2020

Hi People,

I have created one course in storyline 360 which include 2 questions.
In the last slide, I  have created the 3 text boxes which are in the hidden state.
1. True is the correct answer for question 1
2. True is the correct answer for question 2
All the questions are correct

The scenario is, If the user will attempt first question wrong, the first point will appear (Normal State) in the end slide and If user will attempt second question wrong, he second point appear (Normal State) in the end slide and If user will attempt all two question correct then third point will appear (Normal State) in the end Slide.

I am facing the challenge of spacing. for ex. if user corrected the first question and second is wrong then the space for the point one is looks empty and second point looks too  down. For the reference please have a look on the attached screenshot.

I want, the second point should appear on the place of first point (if first is correct and is hidden).

I have also attached the story file. Please help me in this.

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Garth Yorko

I used just one text box with 4 states:

  • All Correct
  • All Incorrect
  • Q1 Correct - Q2 Incorrect
  • Q1 Incorrect - Q1 Correct

Each of the states has the message you want to communicate.

The I adjusted your variables to show the correct state when the final page displays.  You can probably get by with just on T/F variable per question using the Correct layer to adjust the variable to True.

The file is attached.

Apoorv Jain

Hi Garth,
Thanks for sharing this quick turn around but in the actual scenario there are 9 questions and every questions has their own statement. I cannot use this approach because In the end we have to show different statement according to the incorrect answer. If user attempt 6 incorrect answers. we have show 6 statements.

Is their any other possible way to achieve this task.


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