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Steve McAneney

Hi Mark. Do you want to just edit the content (i.e. button sets) on slides in a Storyline file, or do want this resetting to be part of the learner experience?

I can't see a way to edit all the buttons at once, so you might have to just go through them individually and click on the buttons whose state you want to change individually. Storyline doesn't let you select multiple buttons and edit their states unfortunately.

One alternative could be to build a master slide with the button set included, in the state you want, then apply that master slide to the individual slides you want the button set to appear in?

Alicia Blitz

You could also program your button to adjust a variable that all the buttons look at to set the state. It would require multiple triggers (one for each button). Or just jump to another slide that looks the same with the buttons set to normal. If you are doing this action multiple times, jumping to the next slide would be the easiest option to replicate.