Change color of next and prev buttons

Oct 11, 2017

Hello people,

how do I change color of next and prev buttons in Storyline2 ?

I can't find where to do this?
Thanks for helping

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Katie Riggio

Hello Peggy,

Good question, and we do! The job aid attached to my reply should help with identifying the classic player colors in Storyline 360 and Storyline 3.

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If there's anything else I can answer, I'll be here!

Ren Gomez

Hi Hugh,

Any changes made to the player will be at a course level, and you won't be able to adjust on a per slide basis.

You may consider creating your own custom navigation if you'd like to include this feature in your course. While a bit older, here's an article that provides some neat inspiration:

Wanda Blackett

Is it possible to change what the next/previous button states look like? I want to disable the next button on slides until the timeline triggers it to be enabled - but the state for disabled is just greyed out.  I would like to change it so that the disabled state is more obvious (like making it red) rather than have people think that perhaps there is something wrong with the navigation that the next button isn't working.  The greyed out look is very subtle, and people may think there is something wrong.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Wanda,

Happy to help here! 

At this time, there isn't a way to change the built-in player's next/previous button's states. To avoid any confusion for learners, what may help is to set the next button to hidden. This would hide the next button until the timeline triggers have been enabled. 

Another option that Ren shared is to include custom navigation. This would allow you to adjust the next/previous buttons' states and apply a more customized design

Nancy Hemenway This article talks about enhanced color contrast - but what continues to be problematic is that the next and previous buttons are NOT enhanced and do not meet the minimum standards for color contrast (with the light background)  For the triple-A WCAG contrast demand - neither the light nor the dark backgrounds meet the standards -