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Frank McDaniel

Interesting. Are there any other states or triggers attached to that
object that would have to be changed as well? I have had similar issues
where I replaced an image, but either the hover or selected state was
hanging me up.

Frank McDaniel
Instructional Designer - LMS Administrator

Frank McDaniel

It sounds like the sizing of the images are fighting each other. For
example, the original image is 400x200px and the replacement image is
600x600px or something to that effect. That would skew the image you are
trying to put in its place. Can you delete the picture and recreate it? I
would just make note of any triggers, etc attached to that image and see if
recreating it resolves the issue. This has worked for me in the past.
Save your file, then try those changes and test. If it does not resolve
the issue, just revert back. Always safe to make a complete copy and work
on the copy only if you can. Without putting my eyes on it, this issue is
difficult to resolve.

Frank McDaniel
Instructional Designer - LMS Administrator


Another weird thing is I made the rectangle picture circular in photoshop...did a change image...and it didn't skew the placeholder...however, when I click and drag the image...I can see my updated image...but when I let go...it's back at the placeholder. The image is on none of the states either. That's so weird. I think I'll just manually replace the image to workaround this

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hmm, definitely odd sounding and tricky to follow without a copy of the file or a screen recording of what you're seeing. If you're able to replicate it in a new file using the template and that's one you can share we're happy to take a look at that! You can always share here or our support engineers are accessible 24/7 here: articulatecase.com