Change scoring points based on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd attempt

Dec 10, 2014


I'm working on an assessment and would like to score as follows:

If learner answers question correctly on first try - 100 points

If learner answers question on second try - 50 points

If learner answers questions on third try - 25 points

I tried working this out on my own, thinking that I can create variables and triggers, but then I realized that the scoring is programmed automatically in the question editor. One possible solution, I thought, was to not use the question editor, and manually add the scoring to each question and use the appropriate variables/triggers. The actual scores don't have to pass through to the LMS, so I thought this might work. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can accomplish this? (I'm working in Storyline 1)

Thank you all, for your assistance!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Carol!

You could achieve this using variables. You could remove the points in the quiz slide (set it to 0) then make a trigger to change X variable to +1 when timeline starts. The another variable to change the score to 100/50/25 based on what number the X variable is.

Then on your results slide, take out the default pass/score variable references, and insert one referencing your "score" variable.

Attached is a quick example. 

Carol Mealy

Hi all,

Well, I gave it my best shot, and I'm stumped. I used the example that was posted, which I thought was pretty straight forward, but I can't get it to work. For example, in this file (Score_By-Number_SL1), if an incorrect answer is selected on first try, I get the feedback, and then when I click on the continue button on the feedback layer, I'm brought to the results slide and get a '0' score. Then, I click on 'Retry Quiz', select another incorrect answer, get the feedback, click 'continue,' get to the results slide, and see '0' as my score. Retry Quiz button is selected again, click the correct answer, get the feedback, click the continue button, get the results slide, with '25' as my score, which is the correct score (on 3rd try, get 25 points). However, is there a way to program the assessment so that all answers are selected first, and then scored at the end? I don't want to see the results slide until the last question is answered.

My assessment will have 10 questions, and I want to have the learner choose all answers first, then get to the results slide at the end, where they'll see the final score (with the scoring being done behind the scenes, so that the results slide is only showed once).

Thank you again for your help.


Carol Mealy

Hi Emiliy,

I attached the Storyline 1 file here. Here's what I did for our viewing purposes. I stripped out most of the course. This course has 6 scenes, and each scene will have 3 question banks, but I stripped out 5 scenes and left only one in. I also programmed only the first question. When I answer the question correctly on the third try, I should get 25 but I'm getting 50.

I don't understand what the NumberViewed variable is (and why it is programmed to change when timeline starts). I put the scoring trigger on the submit button because that button already has a variable on it. Not sure this is correct. But when I used the NumberViewed variable, nothing was happening.

As you'll see when you open the file, the learner will have three chances to get the answer correctly, and each time the submit button is clicked, a different feedback layer will show. Maybe this has something to do with scoring?

Thank you again for your help, I really appreciate it. I spend alot of time trying to figure these things out but then I just have to give up and turn to more knowledgeable sources. Thank you!

Douglas Spencer


I took a look at your attached file and updated it to function correctly.

What I Did
1. I created a score variable for each question. That way, we can add them at the end.
2. I put a text box on each question so we can see if the score function is working.
3.  An incorrect answer click sets the score to 0.
4. The NumberViewed variable is set to 0 when a question's timeline starts.
5.  NumberViewed is increased by 1 when an incorrect answer is given.
6. When "Correct" is clicked the slide's score variable (SCORE1, SCORE2, or SCORE3) is changed depending on what NumberViewed is. The old method was more complicated and this new way should be easier to keep track and see what is going on. The old method is still there so you will have to delete what is no longer being used.
7. The results slide adds all three scores and displays them as the SCORE variable.

Hope this helps! Merry Christmas!

Emily Ruby

Hello Carol,

In the example I provided above, the scoring was based on the NumberViewed variable. Taking a look at your file, it seems you have a few extra variables being tracked on the slides. This may be causing the issue. 

Another thing, if you are using several quiz slides before the results slide, you will want to make the SCORE trigger to Add + (10, 50,25) instead of Assignment = 


Attached is a quick example with 2 quiz slides.

Carol Mealy

So sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The firm was on holiday break.

Thank you both for your time and effort in helping me solve this issue. Your solution works perfectly. I see that two variables are needed to score correctly, and I guess that's where I was getting confused. I'll start programming this into my course and let you know how it turns out.

Thank you again! You saved my day!

Ken Wyper

Hi Folks, I can't get this to work! My issue is the same as Carol - I want the score to decrement each retry if incorrect. My logic flow is shown in the attached png file. I'm a newcomer to quizmaking, and it's doing my head in! Hope someone can help with some advice to point me in the right direction.



Ken Wyper

Thanks Leslie. I see your approach, however I don't want to provide any progressive feedback so I've been avoiding layers. The story attached appears to work for the scoring of an individual question - I just need to play around with some other variables to work out how to reset the RETRY count to zero after each question, then add in functionality for names and work out how to collect a file information for each participant. Thanks for your help! 

Leslie McKerchie

You wouldn't have to display the layer to the user, but it could be helpful as you progress.

Thanks for sharing your file with your idea. Hopefully someone in the community will be able to chime in and help you with your design.

I noticed you can just keep changing answers as well and I'm not sure how that will ultimately affect your overall scoring.

Ken Wyper

Not really Leslie. When you return to the same question your previous response is still visible, so you’re compelled to choose another answer. It’d be a good inclusion in the software I think - especially in situations where the user MUST eventually get the correct answer, but not be rewarded with the same score as someone who has mastered the material. In my instance, the user will be redirected to remedial scenes based on their total score, but I want to use the quiz as a mechanism to gauge their current understanding

Cheers, Ken

Linh Nguyen

Thank you so much, I am currently building a game: Choose the best product for the best Client. My Ideas is to set each client go through the slide and user have to drag the product suitable with the client, they will get the score base on the product they choose. I'm looking for the way to complete this game and your sharing is helping me alot. The last thing I want to ask is I want to save/store learner's score after they finish the course and use it later as the information in our gamification LMS (for more detail, it will add to the total score of learner in LMS, their score in LMS is the total score they get in every course). Can you give me some ideas to do this task.  Thank you so much