Change state of elements in fonction of variable

Hello Heroes!

I have an issue with a condition using variables on SL 360.

I work on an Ethics in Business training and one of my activities includes the reading of several articles. I want the learners to read at least 3 articles over 5. I created a variable which count the amount of time they click on a article so that the next button would not work until they read the 3 articles.

I also used this variable to display a small pop-up which reminds the user that to read another article he/she has to close it and not to click on the next button. If they variable is > 1 or just not equal to 1, the pop-up has to change state to "hidden". 

This is not working: the pop-up is displayed even if you're reading your third article. I checked my variable's value, it's ok. The only way to not display the pop-up is to come back to an article you already saw.
Why is this not working in the first place and what could I do to fix this?

Sorry for the messy explanations, I join the SL file, I hope this could help you understanding.

Thanks a lot.

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Walt Hamilton

Actually, since the layer is part of the slide, the execution of the list of triggers will continue after a layer is shown. If a trigger invokes a jump to another slide, the slide jump will interrupt the completion of the trigger list.

If she needs that variable when the layer timeline starts, it is hard to tell if the variable change will be finished before the layer opening finishes and accesses it. I'm guessing it probably will be, but to be on the safe side, making the change you suggest would guarantee it.