Change to HTML 5 with Flash fallback without the source file

Feb 04, 2021

Hi all,


I have two published SCORM packages with Flash with HTML 5 fallback. Now that I have lost the source files. Is there a way to change it to HTML 5 only or HTML 5 with Flash fallback without having the source file?


One was published in Storyline 2 and the other one was in Storyline 360.




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Judy Nollet

The index.html file could be edited so that it goes directly to the HTML5 version.

I think that would involve either swapping the code so it looks for HTML5 first, or just deleting the Flash code altogether. 

FYI: You can edit the index.html file by opening it in Notepad or another text editor. But you'll want someone with a basic understanding of html and javascript to do this.

Good luck!