Changing a trigger variable on sub-master template changes same variable on another sub-master template

Mar 23, 2021

Ok, I can't seem to figure out what is happening here. 

I have 4 master templates in my course - all variations of one but different colors. Each has a set of 3-4 sub-templates. I am doing this to differentiate quiz sections with different colors. Each section will have 25 questions and I am just adding a variable to count up one on this quiz sub template for each different colored master. The problem is, I have copied and pasted a trigger to count up 1 for a variable associated for each section (so I can say 1 out of 25 questions for each section). When I try to change the variable name in the template page of one sub template, it changes the variable in another as well. 

For example, I have 4 variables to hold a count for each section - PMQnum, CMQnum, SWQnum, and NMQnum. I try to change one template's trigger from PMQnum to SWQnum, but this changes the trigger variable not only on that subtemplate but also on the subtemplate under a different master slide (another section). I don't get it. Anyone seen this behavior before? 



Image is of template masters and sub templates. Each master is a different color. The subs that are circled, I am adding a trigger to each to change the above variables, but when I change the blue trigger variable, it also changes the red - so I can never change each to it's own variable. I have never seen this before and have used this method before. 


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Walt Hamilton

This indicates some sort of corruption somewhere. The first step to resolve it is to  close and reopen SL (which my experience leads me to believe should be done about once an hour, anyway.). Next step is to delete the triggers, and create them rather than copy them. Copy in SL is especially vulnerable to problems like this.