Changing Character Expression for correct/Incorrect quiz questions


Firstly, I want to say that I am new to Storyline2 and the response time from staff to help me is phenomenal!  Thank you!

I am using an illustrated character for my quiz page and I want to change the expression of my character to happy (when correct) and worried (when incorrect).  I also have try again, which would be worried also.  It's a "fill in the blank" question.

I have tried to set up the triggers but I only get one expression, either happy or worried when I try to enter a correct or incorrect answer.

Is there a good video I can watch?  Is there simple instructions I can get from someone or somewhere?

(Progressing through Storyline2 and enjoying it)

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Daniela, 

You could use the states as Michael mentioned - but why not just put those character images on the layer themselves? As long as the layers are set to hide other slide layers, it won't overlap - and likely you may be hiding the base layer elements too. That's probably the easiest as it doesn't involve any extra triggers. 

Daniela Slater

Sorry, but I just don't get it.   Could you replicate my screencast and show me how. 

I tried to use the layers, but I don't know enough to understand what I am expected to do.  I added three layers (neutral, happy, worried).  But then what?  I will watch Michael's screenr again.

Daniela Slater

You are all fantastic people.  I was skeptical spending so much money on the software, but the support alone was worth it.

Thanks Lance for the samples.   I see it is all done in the layers.  I just don't know how each layer was created.  I tried to select the buttoned responses and the character for each expression/answer and then create it as a layer but I am not getting them on the layer box like in the sample.

So what I am asking is, how do I create the layer like that.   (Sorry, brain freeze).


Lance Treloar

Hi Daniela

Hopefully this is superfluous and you have it figured out, but the layers are created by Storyline with the inclusion of a question slide (either templated or freeform).  If you find you are only getting Correct and Incorrect, go into the question settings (Form View, or the Design Tab when in Slide View) and add multiple attempts in the Scoring section - this will give you the Try Again layer.   

Images were added by copying and pasting from the base layer.  The expression was then edited.  This helps ensure that they go to the same place - no jumping when new layers are viewed.



Rocco Sciulli

I created a multiple choice question. My base layer has a character. My incorrect layer and my correct layer each have unique character posed. I have NOT selected the Hide objects on the base layer of the Slide Properties options. When I preview, and select an answer and then click Submit, I see the question choices, but I also see the character from the base layer. How can I hide the character from the base layer and only show the characters on the Correct and Incorrect layers?