Changing initial state from normal alters the object's positioning

Mar 03, 2014

I have been fiddling with this, only to get stranger and stranger results, so I'm coming here to see if anyone else can help me with this.

I've created a picture object with several states showing a woman in different poses.  Ultimately, I've copy and pasted this object throughout my project in an effort to save time, so I can just put down triggers and change states as needed.

But for this one particular slide, I don't want her to start in her "normal" pose, so I thought I could just use the drop-down to change the "initial state" from normal to another one ("LeftSideways" in this case).  However, I discovered that by doing so, it completely altered the positioning of the character, pushing it to the left.  It looks strange in Storyline, because the character is in the correct place, but my mouse pointer is acting like it's further left.  When I preview or publish it, I see the character is left of where she should be.  However, if I return her initial state to "normal", the problem disappears (but puts me back to square one).

I thought I could just edit the states by copying the image from the Normal state and making a new one called Normal2, then take the image from the LeftSideways and replace the normal state, but this didn't fix the issue.

Any feedback regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

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Josh Waters

Ashley Terwilliger said:

Hi Josh,

You mentioned copying/pasting and I'm wondering if that caused an issue with this image - have you tried just inserting a new instance of the image in the position that you wanted? You could then set it to hide when the timeline starts on the rectangle and show the other position? 

Yeah, I suppose that's a reasonable workaround.  I'll have to consider it.

I was more concerned about how strange the program was working, like it was a bug or something.  Originally, I had the trigger rectangle starting with the slide, going from "Normal" to "LeftSideways", hoping that when the slide started, she would simply start in that pose, but in practice, I would still get a split second of the "Normal" pose.  I assumed it was because that was the "initial state" and that if I changed that, I wouldn't have the problem.  But, for some reason, it has introduced a completely new problem, which I find quite troubling.

However, I didn't simply want to assume "This is a bug," so I posted it here so others could look at it and maybe catch something that I didn't.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Josh,

I have seen an issue where the shapes/objects are misaligned during preview/publish and it seems to be connected to a rotated shape - but none of your images looked to be rotating. It also looks like you're using your own custom images as I don't recognize Joy from one of our characters. Do you have these original images so that I could try them out in a new file? 

Josh Waters

Sorry for not responding sooner.  I'm reluctant to give out the images (contract stuff; I wonder if I should have included them in the example I posted).  However, I can say that they were VERY large and I had to shrink them.  I don't know if that's a factor, but I'm sure if you put together a series of poses from large images, then change the "initial state" to another pose, you could let me know if you get the same or similar problems.

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