Changing Manual Markers from Picked to Done

Jun 07, 2023

I have done a few projects now where I have set up triggers to change multiple manually made markers or tabs (on the same slide) from Normal, Hover, Picked and Done. Since, the last Storyline update I have not been able to make them all work unless you click #1 first. If you click the other marker numbers first, #1 will automatically show done. However the NEXT/BACK buttons will not trigger as you did not actually click #1 yet.  Which obviously would be very confusing to the user. Any suggestions? I've attached examples of slides that do not work and one that does.

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Judy Nollet

The attached file shows a simpler way to program that type of slide. The edited slide is in Scene 3. Here are some notes:

  • Each marker has a Selected state and a Visited state.
  • The markers are in a button set. (
  • Therefore, the built-in functionality automatically does this (without the need for triggers):
    • Change a button to Selected when it is clicked.
    • Deselect that button when another button is clicked/Selected. The deselected button will change to Visited.
    • Recognize that a Selected button is also Visited. This allows for triggers that look for when all of the markers are Visited.
  • FYI: I made the initial trigger change the Next button to Disabled instead of Hidden. I think that’s a better option, because it leaves all the lower navigation items in place.
Judy Nollet

When you hide the Next button, the other Player buttons move to the right to fill in that space. Since the Prev button ends up where the Next button usually is, a user might inadvertently click Prev (thinking they're clicking Next) and be confused by where they end up. 

If you just disable the Next button, all the buttons stay in the same position. A disabled Next button will be slightly darker to indicate it's not clickable. 

BTW, You could use both the icon and text for the navigation buttons. That setting is in the Player. It's especially helpful for the Submit button, which has a checkmark icon. People don't always notice that. 

Judy Nollet

Glad to know the info helped. There's always more to learn!

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