Changing slide properties for multiple slides at the same time

Aug 01, 2017

Hi All,

Need an input. Have imported slides from PowerPoint and by default the slides advances automatically.

I would like to change the property value as "By User". Is there any easy method to apply this all the slides in a scene rather changing each slide properties individually.


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Katie Riggio

Hi Traci,

Thanks for reaching out, and I'm sorry you ran into this. 

To help us find the best way forward, can you confirm these key details?

  • What version of Storyline are you using? Click on the Help tab, then About Storyline.
  • Is the drop-down menu next to Slide advances: frozen in any new project file or a certain one?

Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Susan Alderson


I believe this was a very old ticket, and not sure why I just received a response now as I believe I was told to reinstall to fix the problem. I do however have another ticket pending that has not been resolved. I have had to downgrade my version of Storyline to have the hover/tooltips work on the TOC/Menu. That feature is supposed to be working and it is really unacceptable that I had to downgrade to have that feature work.



Susan Alderson

Hi Traci,

I do not know why I am receiving this response. I got a ticket this morning and not sure if it was you or not, but I stated that that ticket was an old ticket. Now I got this ticket response. Is your ticketing system out of date?
I really don't understand your reply. It is not helpful to say. " No freezing" on your end as they doesn't mean it is working for me. I would appreciate a phone call as this form of communication is askew. I really am not sure what problem you are trying to address, but your response does not make sense. The tread does not keep the email threads so it is very confusing.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Susan,

You're receiving subsequent conversation/notification to a forum thread you must be subscribed to.

I've made a quick Peek 360 video to explain it and show you how to unsubscribe to this conversation if needed.

If you click 'View' vs. 'Reply, you can see the entire conversation.

I do see that we still have an open case/issue for you and you will get notification from your support case directly when we have an update to share.

Jessica Daniels

Wanted to add to this instead of creating a new post? I cannot change the when revisiting option from Story View. I tried with multiple slides at a time, but then tried with just one. So, I have to go in and change the properties of each slide at slide level...any thoughts on why this would be?

KC Chou

I posted the discussion below as a new discussion.  I didn't see this thread of communication when I did a search within e-learning hero.  I found this thread when I used Google - STRANGE.  Based on the thread so far, the issue I posted on my discussion is at least two years old, still no progress.  Very discouraging.  Here is my post elsewhere in e-learning hero.

I am reusing questions from question banks used in other projects for the current one.  And I want to change the point value as well as the Slide Navigation & Gestures from submit to Prev/Next on the button actions.  The key is BULK.  I can make the change one slide at a time.  But I CANNOT change it for all the slides in one edit even though I highlighted all the slide.  The change was made to the last slide I highlighted.  Very INEFFICIENTE for not having ability to do bulk editing.