Changing state back to normal

I'm creating an activity to showcase what happens in different seasons. When a user clicks on a tree, its state changes to 'Bloom'. I'd like it to change back to normal when the tree is clicked again.

I've tried another trigger that said 'Change status of tree to normal when user clicks tree if state of tree = Bloom

Doesn't seem to work though...any ideas? 

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Jerry Beaucaire

That is the correct syntax based on what you've described so far.

I'm going to guess you're going to add states to that TREE for all the seasons, so it will have more than just one state to return to normal from.

I would recommend the trigger be:

Change the state of tree to NORMAL when user clicks TREE if state of tree is NOT equal to Normal.


If this isn't working, post the .story and we'll take a look to see what might be going awry.