Changing State Of An Object From Hidden To Normal Then Back to Hidden

Hi there,

I'm having difficulty trying to change an object from a hidden state, to normal then back to hidden.

On my slide, these objects are definitions that should appear when an image is dragged  and intersects different hotspots. My problem is that when the image is dropped in the wrong hotspot, it snaps back to its original location BUT the definition is still visible. I need the definition to be hidden when the image snaps back to its original spot. I tried creating triggers using the "object intersection ends" but it's still not working. 

Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue would be really appreciated, thanks so much!!! 

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Lisa,

Here is an option that might suit your requirements. As you know, if you move your image over the various rectangles, the text block that's visible changes. If you create a trigger for each text block that changes its state to Hidden when the mouse hovers over the appropriate rectangle, your problem is solved. An example for the Near Miss text block is shown below:

What is happening is that you drag the image over the rectangle, but the image is between the mouse cursor and the rectangle and so the trigger doesn't activate, therefore enabling the text block to remain visible. When you release the mouse button to drop the image, it immediately bounces back to the start point due to the answer being incorrect. As a result, the cursor is now directly over the rectangle and the trigger to hide the text block activates.

Hope this makes sense