Changing states of objects is not working when clicked 2x+

Apr 24, 2014

I'm creating a game where users will click an object that has a normal and inverted state.  I want the user to be able to click the object initially in the normal state to change it to the inverted state, click it again to return to the normal state, and continue if necessary until their design is as desired.  I have tried setting up the state triggers and variables a bunch of ways, and I can get it to switch to the inverted state, but never return back to the normal state.

After the user would create their design on the right, they will drag the big block on the left on top of it to discover their secret letter.  This part works fine, but I want them to be able to continue to fix and modify their design on the right block by clicking each object and switching states.

The selected object and states are shown with the first two triggers related to it on the right below Object Triggers.


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Mary Baker

Okay, I still can't get it to work.  When I add the change it back to normal trigger, it doesn't work. 

I created two variables: BlockVariable1N with a value of 0 and BlockVariable1I with a value of 1.

Then, I added the triggers as shown in the Object Triggers pane, but that's not working.

Do I need to link the states of the object (normal and inverted) to the variable?  How do I do this?

Michael Hinze

Mary Baker said:

Thanks Micheal Hinze!  That did the trick.  This is AWESOME!  Doing Normal and Selected states worked perfectly with no trigger needed, as you described.  Thank you so much for the help!  I have a ton of games I want to create using this trick

Mary, glad to hear that this works for you. I'd love to see a sample of this interaction once it is finished. Seems like a neat idea!

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