Changing states using variables and animation

Jul 19, 2017


This is my first time posting a question, so be gentile :-)

I'm having trouble keeping the state at 'visited' when transitioning to another layer. I've tried using variables in different combinations and orders with triggers, yet to no avail.

When a button is clicked, I need it to stay in a visited state; even when the next button is clicked and the animation begins.

My apologies if that's confusing.

An actual look at the SL file will give you a better idea.

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Brian Allen

Hello Brian, welcome to Heroes.

I haven't looked at your file, but I commonly have this issue with the visited state.

Try duplicating your visited state and calling it something else, like "custom1", etc. Make sure you change the state to this custom state when the object is clicked, and see if you have better luck that way.

Let us know how it goes...


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