Changing the Default File Location in Storyline.

Nov 04, 2020

I have had multiple issues with my network, vpn and remote network access, and storyline 3 saving files. Especially the autosave files. I want to change where they are going. I can't find where to change the default file location.

Anybody know where?

Thanks Shari

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Katie Riggio

Hello Shari,

Thanks for writing in, and that's a great question!

You can save and publish project files anywhere, though we recommend a local hard drive (typically the c: drive):

However, there isn't a way to change the default file location for Storyline's auto-recovery feature. It'll always save under the /AppData/Roaming/Articulate/Storyline path.

Let me know if any more questions pop up! 

Terry Thomas

I've seen several posts on this topic, and no-one seems to understand the question clearly (in my opinion).

In our corporate environment (like others, it seems) we have no control over the Window's folder "my documents" (or "documents") AND it is often pointed to a network share.  We all agree, working from the hard drive is best.

I would like Storyline to stop defaulting to the "documents" folder; that's the question, can we manually tell it where to default to... stop picking 'my documents' ?

Thanx!  Terry

John Morgan

Hi Terry,

Thanks for clarifying what you're looking for! Currently, you can't change the default path for your Articulate projects. You can use the Save as feature to save your files to a specific folder. Although, your company is directing you to a network drive It is recommended to always save them to your local drive (ex. C:\) for less chance of corruption.

You will find Save as, from your Storyline File menu

Just specify the path or folder location where you want it saved and Storyline will remember this location respective to this file.

You can also visit Tips for Managing Project Files for more information.

Terry Thomas

Thanx @John ... just wanted to make sure.  I do appreciate that the Story files retain the directory info from the last publish, that is helpful. 

Right now, i'm having to create 100ish translation files over the next short while... that's what prompted me to search, then ask.  All that browsing each time i go for translation saves, i was giving the ole' "uncle uncle"!