Changing the font size for customized text labels

Jan 14, 2021

Is it possible to change the font size in a customized text label?  I noticed in the player, you can change the message for player text labels, but I don't know where to look for changing the actual font size.  The title font size is smaller than the message font size.  I would like the title to be larger than the message font size.  See the attachment (when you click the "Submit" button before finishing the activity, a system dialog box says "invalid answer" - this is the dialog box that I want to change the font size).  Thank you for your help!  



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Kellie!

Great question! We don't currently offer a way to change the Text Labels' font size, so I've followed these steps and added a customized Invalid Answer layer.

I've attached the updated project to this reply! Let me know if you have any additional questions.