Changing url during runtime with variables or javascript

I am building a performance support system using Storyline as the main system portal.  An important part of the system will be an expert system shell that will run in a slide when it is called as a web object.  This expert system shell allows external programs to send data to it start-up (of the expert system, of course) by attaching the data in a structured way to the end of the url that calls the expert system.  This opens up the possibility of using Storyline to gather data as it goes along and, if the user wishes, have that data sent to the expert system so that contextual advice can be provided to the user.  The expert system is backward chaining and can derive values as necessary, meaning that it can accept the values sent to it by Storyline without having to ask the user the question again and it can then ask any further questions that are needed to meet the system's objective and then provide targetted advise.  The possiblity of using one-stop-shopping for the performance support system through Storyline is very attractive to me. But I am not a techie (I am a "SME" to use the lingo) and so it is not apparent to me after reviewing the Storyline possibilities that there is an easy way to change the url on the fly.  Specifically, Is there a way to change the url for the expert system so as to attach the data that Storyline captures in its variables as the user goes along?  I did not see anything on this yet but I will keep looking.  If not, then can javascript do the job?  I hope this makes sense. Any ideas would be gratefully received!

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