Character doesn't show up according to the variable change


I set 2 characters in the first slide. Users can select one of the characters. Once  user select female character, the second slide will show the female character, and vice versa. However, no matter what character is selected in preview, the character doesn't show in the second slide. 

I tried different ways, but all don't work. 

1. Initial state of the characters in 2nd slide is hidden, and change the state to normal when user click one of the character by using variable change. (Trigger: attached file - slide 2-1)

2. Show different layers in which there is the character of either female or male when user select one of the characters (variable change). (Trigger: attached file -  slide 2-2)

* The 1st slide's trigger is in attachment: slide 1, and the attached storyline is using the first way. 

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