Character state change flashes

Jun 19, 2017

Several time line cue points trigger character state change, i.e. point up, down, etc.  Looks good in preview but when published there is a momentary white, empty flash between states. Same thing when viewed from local drive or from LMS. Found some old threads here but did not help (off slide object triggers or fade). Suggestions? File attached.

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Goetz Schucht

Hi there.
Sadly I have a very similar issue with the character "Juliet":
she doubles in size between different states for ca. 0.3s

Again not visible in the preview but once the project is published, it happens when starting with "story.html" or "story_html5.html".

I could really do with an answer and was not the happiest to find this post removed.
So please come back to me with a possible solution.

Thanks in advance

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Goetz,

Sorry to hear that you've run into an issue with your character. This sounds a bit different than what we were seeing reported before. 

Do you have a .story file we could take a look at? If you cannot share it here in the forums, you are welcome to share here privately.

You mention your post was removed? I'm assuming it may have been caught in our spam filtering, but you're good to go now :)

Goetz Schucht

Hi Leslie.

nice to hear from you and even on the same day during working hours. Not always usual between the US and Europe.

I'm impressed!!

Re-reading my latest part on the above mentioned thread I apologize for not being sufficiently precise.

So allow me to do better:

What's bothering me is the final behaviour of the character (Juliet) after publishing my project.

It begins to show when checking the result by starting the published e-content with "story.html" or "story

Lynn Hubbard

I have been wrestling with a similar issue. Character Connie and Hazel jump when moving between states. The character visibly moves to the right a few pixels then back again to original location with the new state. I do notice it in preview and in articulate review. So, not sure if the browser is relevant.

 It is only when the pose of the character changes, not the expression of the character. So, say the arms are down and you change it to hands on hips...the whole character does a little dance to the right and back to move the arms.

Creating a new slide and copying over the objects does not fix it.

Re inserting the character and recreating the triggers does not fix it.

Changing the character does not fix it.

Steps to recreate (and show when it isn't an issue) in a new project

1) blank slide insert a classic character

2) create a trigger and change the state of character to 'asking' when timeline reaches 1 sec

3) at this point...preview the slide. No jumping.

4) go back to edit mode, add a shape to the slide at the beginning of the timeline

5) preview the slide is where I start to see jumping

6) change the trigger to move the character to 'thinking' instead of 'asking'

7) preview the slide. Jumping.

Play around with it. There seems to be some magic combination of shape, timeline, pose, and trigger timing that causes the jumping to occur.  Like, if the shape appears on the timeline at the 1sec mark then I don't get the jumping. If it is a smidge before OR after the 1sec mark, I get jumping. Asking pose seems to be more sensitive than thinking pose. Modern characters jump even without any other shapes on the slide.

Goetz Schucht

Hi all,
having just read Lynn Hubbard posting I like to thank her for this deep going investigation of the 'naughty character behavior'.
And she is quite right:
It affects change of pose, not change of expression, at least with my stuff too.
Interesting that she experiences it already during preview.

With my projects it never occurred while previewing either slides, scenes or the whole project.
In fact it showed only after publishing it for LMS or WEB
In both cases I started the published project by double clicking "story.html" or "story

Goetz Schucht

Hi Lynn,
thanks for your interesting response.
It already made me think:

First & unfortunately I have to admit:
My company is currently changing to new HW (for me Laptop) & Windows 10 & Office 2016.
I got mine 2 weeks ago and yes, now my characters start to misbehave already during storyline 360 preview.

When I first noticed this phenomenon after publishing I still had my old Laptop.
And there we had Windows 7 with (mostly) Office 2010 but also a minor part of Office 2013 for Lync.
This 'only' caused trouble when importing PPTs (not Articulates fault) but characters behavior weren't affected during preview.

For me this can only mean:
If preview really uses HTML5, this alone can't - or at least shouldn't be - the only issue.

What do you think?

Best regards


Lynn Hubbard

Well. I'm no expert.

Pure speculation on my part, but I believe Windows 7 may never have used HTML5 natively. Windows 7 came around 2009, HTML5 around 2012 (beta) broader use closer to 2015.  I imagine it was easier for Microsoft to just allow specific browsers to deal with the HTML updates, since that is where HTML was used 90% of the time. If that is true, it is possible that your windows 7 machine just didn't use HTML5 in the preview.

That is just a theory from someone who knows barely anything about how all of these things work. But it sounds reasonable.  :)


Goetz Schucht

In fact it does!!
And for calling yourself 'not an expert...' I'm pretty impressed what you DO know about these things.

I like your theory a lot since it is the first hint in a direction I find worth to investigate further.
At least I think it worth to share with the guys at Articulate (if this isn't already happening with the two of us chatting here).

So allow me to ask:
Do you know how to get to the person which deals with the ticket 507853?
At least I think this is the right number since it is there since I initially contacted the support desk.
Otherwise I could try and compose a summary of what we've spoken of and send it over.
And yes I'm working with storyline 360 since last December and have so far not learned a lot of the Articulate universe.

Lust let me know

Best regards


Lynn Hubbard

I don't know how to get the attention of the Articulate folks.

Additional testing shows some interesting results.

In 360 review, when viewed in Chrome, no character jumps. When viewed in firefox, character jumps even where it did not in preview. In Internet Explorer it behave just like in preview, jumps on one slide, not the other.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ian.  We were originally focused on characters available from Content Library, but it looks like you're having an issue with state changes of an image that you're using as a character.  Can you confirm if that's correct?

The Content Library illustrated character issue is being worked on, but we haven't released a permanent fix yet.  I'll find out if what you're experiencing is a separate issue, or if it will be addressed by the same fix.  If you could share that slide from your .story file, that'd be great for testing.  Thanks!

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for confirming. No update at this time Kita. Our team is still investigating, so any example .story files are super helpful. If you're not able to share it here in the forums, you are welcome to share it privately here. Just please be sure to include the forum url/link as well.

Either way, this thread is attached to the report so that we can update here when we can.