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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sagar,

Thanks for reaching out here and letting us know you're having an issue with the Hindi language elements. Can you let us know if you're using Storyline 1 or Storyline 2? You'll also want to make sure you're on the latest update of each (Update 8 and update 4 respectively). 

Since I don't read Hindi, I'm not sure I'm clear on the error you're seeing - but if you could share some examples of how it's supposed to look vs. how it does look or what you're seeing that would be super helpful. 

You'll also want to confirm that you're working with local project files as described here and testing your published content within the intended environment. 

Lu Chen

Hello Ashley,

Do you know is there is a solution for this corruption problem for Hindi? I'm seeing exactly the same accent corrupted in the same way as Sagar's original screen shots showed.

I'm using Storyline 2 Update7. And I made sure I'm publishing on local drive to LMS format.

Thank you.

Wendy Jaehnig

Hit here. Has there been any progress with the issue with Hindi characters?

I am having the exact same problem with my course in Hindi. Certain Hindi characters looks wrong on publish, throughout the course. (They look fine when previewed within Articulate Storyline) See attachment for example .

I'm using Articulate Storyline 2, Update 11  (updated today). I'm using a local file. I have tried a few different Hindi fonts (Noto Sans Devanagari and Arial Unicode MS) on the slide itself, and it did not help. I also tried using those as the player font. Changing the player font to Unicode MS font did seem to solve the problem on the Notes tab text, but not on the text on the slide. 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!