Check, please! (We are splitting this, right?)

I've been trying to figure out how to get a green check to appear after the learner has visited the appropriate slide, but I'm just missing something here.

I set the initial state of the green checks to "hidden" and then on each corresponding slide, had a variable change from false to true to trigger the newly "normal" state.

The odd thing is that I actually had this working perfectly on another slide and I think I overworked it and now, of course, nothing works correctly.

I'm going to chalk this up to my "lesson of the day" as I work through my Articulate School of Hard Knocks.


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Michael Gallagher

The problem is the order in the Trigger panel. First, you have triggers that set the state of each checkmark based on a variable. Then, further down the trigger list you set the checkmarks to hidden when the time line starts. The order that things happen in the triggers list is top to bottom. There is an easier way to accomplish what you want.

How to fix it:

Remove the triggers you have on the checkmark objects themselves, but leave the triggers you have that change their state based on a variable. Next, select each checkmark and click on the "State" Tab below your content (next to Timeline tab). You will see a dropdown that lets you select the objects initial state. Set the initial state to "Hidden". That's it! So when the screen loads, initially the checkmark is set to hidden. The trigger panel runs and changes the states based on the variables. IF true the checkmark appears. This all happens in milliseconds.