Checking to see if a variable value exists within an array


I'm a newbie to Articulate360 and I'm creating my first proper course.

I am wanting to check if a value held in a variable is present in a list of values (potentially an array if possible but open to other suggestions)

There are 18 options I'm wanting to compare the variable value to and to then use a simple if statement that says if it's in the list say "x" and if it's not, say "y"

Can anyone help me get started with this please? I was wondering if I needed JS code?

many thanks in advance


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Dawn!

First off, welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! We are fully staffed here and have brilliant community members that share their wealth of knowledge daily. In short, you came to the right place for help!

I'm not a Javascript expert, but we do have many discussions that sound similar to what you're creating. I'll link them below.

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Let us know what you create!