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Sep 29, 2015

I have a pick your own avatar element in my project and  if I've chosen male (the default setting) it works but if I choose female it shows the male for a split second before switching to female. The triggers are:

Change state of: character 1 "male 3..." to female when timeline starts If character is equal to 1

I've attached the stripped down project with the troublesome slides. I also had some slides that worked fine (where the correct gender was showed seamlessly) and the slide 1.2 did work fine but when I deleted the "extra" slides to save for uploading, it quit working. 

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks

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Jackson Hamner

I believe it is because the 'Normal' state of the object is set to the male character. So when Storyline is loading the object it initially starts at the normal than shifts based on a trigger.

I think it might fix this if you create a 'male' state and set the normal state of the object to a transparent object or something like that.

Belen Ferrer

Hi Jessica,

I can't take a look at your project file right now, but off the top of my head, I do recall that enabling transitions from one slide to another will result in this 'flashing' issue you are having, where the Normal state flashes before switching to the trigger-mandated 'female' state.

If you have a transition at the slide level, where a slides crossfade, for example, then Storyline is using the 'default' first frame of the slide you are entering before it carries out any triggers. So, if you have a transition, try taking it off. If you want to keep the transition, Jackson's solution should work.

Good luck!

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