Choosing Your Character for the Course

I have been tasked to see if I can use Storyline to offer users the chance to pic a character to be their avatar and that avatar will be visible throughout the course.  I want to use static characters (the ones included in Storyline) and am thinking it might be possible if I use variables (if X selected, then show Sue, if Y selected, then show Joe) but I don't know how I could go about doing that. Is there an E-Learning Hero out there that can help me out with this or tell me if it is impossible?

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Jedidiah Esposito

It's absolutely possible. There are a couple different ways of going about it, though.

Here's how I'd approach it:

  • I would create a single object for the avatars in storyline 
  • In this object I would create a state for each of the characters you intend to have. Name each state something simple like char1, char2, etc..
  • Place the avatars into the corresponding states on the object
  • Create a numeric variable called something like avatarSelection
  • On the character selection screen you'll create a trigger for each character that changes the avatarSelection variable to whatever avatar the learner selects.
  • Then, on whatever screen the avatar will show on throughout your course (Best to have this be on a master slide) you'll add a trigger that sets the state of the object you built to whatever the stored value is in avatarSelection when the timeline starts.

I hope that makes sense.

Wessel van Heerden

Good day. I have to create a interactive elearning for children between 9 and 12. One of the requests is that the children must be able to choose the character, clothes and hair colour of the characters. Is there a way that it can be done in articulate, or what is a good way around. I would really love some feedback.