Circle Diagram Seqments

Aug 02, 2012

Is there a scientific way to draw multiple levels of circle segments to create a diagram similar to this?

As far as I can see I would have to position the objects by eye, as the coordinates relate not to the centre of a circle, but to the top left hand corner of a box that outlines the shape. Also I can't see a way to change the size  segments apart from dragging the yellow handle. Is this correct?

I'm ready to use hotspots to display rollover layers, etc. but any advice on drawing this type of diagram appreciated.

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Alan Beadle

Hi Peter

Thanks for your suggestion.

I already use Studio '09 and my initial reaction was to use an Engage Circle Diagram. However I could not see a way to create a chart where the outer segments were sub-divisions of each inner segment. I decided to draw the circles and segments in PowerPoint, then import into Storyline. From there it was very straightforward. Storyline is a great product!

I'm a little surprised that despite all the properties of shape that can be set in PowerPoint, it is not possible to specify the angle of a segment. I have made a reasonably good attempt at drawing it by hand, but if anyone has a more scientific approach to drawing what must be a reasonably popular type of diagram, I would be interested to know.

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