Clarifications on Mobile AP constraints

Jan 22, 2014

I have been reading the various forum entries, the articles at, and reviewed the chart

I think I am more confused than when I started to try to understand what limitations, issues and other factors I need to be aware of for developing mobile courses.  If someone could help me understand a few things, it would be greatly appreciated.

1.       My understanding is that you can publish a course as both HTML5 (for our desktop userss) and Articulate Mobile Player on iPad. Is that correct?

2.       I understand that even with Articulate Mobile Player, the module will not run embedded Flash or swf video files. Is that correct? 

3.       What is solution for embedding flash files used for animation? Could I record the screen and save as video file?

4.       What format do video files need to be in to play in the Articulate Mobile Player?

5.       Which Browser Settings and Player Size should the module be set to when used for both desktop and Articulate Mobile Player?

Any tips or advice about how to adjust my ‘design’ plans would be appreciated? My company is trying to decide how to proceed to offer our modules to the sale force in the field. I don’t want to pitch the capabilities of mobile incorrectly.

Thanks for the help, Cheryl

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