Clear history browser within storyline

Sep 16, 2023

Hello. I have created an  exam program by storyline and uploaded it to the host. When we run it once, it is recorded in the browser history. Even if I upload a new version, it will run the same as the previous version unless we clear the browser history. Is there a way to automatically clear the history of a specific program from within the story line? Thankful


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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

for Firefox there is a JavaScript command to reload the page without cache


but this doesn't work for Chrome, Safari, ...

you should change the web server settings - your current caching setting is 2592000 sec (= 30 days)

more infos:


Gulshan Negi

Well, utilizing features offered by Learning Management Systems (LMS), exploring server-side solutions to prevent caching, utilizing a robust version control system for your course materials, and proactive communication with learners regarding updates and the significance of clearing browser cache when necessary are all effective strategies for preserving the integrity of your course and the user experience.