Closed Caption Export Confirmation - advice

I created a Storyline file (1 slide with 5 layers).  The slide & each layer has multiple audio tracks with CC.  I have published the file to YouTube and now need to 'add back' the CC.

My questions: 

1.  When I 'export' captions, can Storyline export all CC in the entire file, or does each slide/layer/audio need to be exported individually?

2.  Are there any suggested workarounds to getting all CC into a consolidated export?  Right now it appears that it doesn't pick up the timings?

3.  Any suggestions on most efficient way to get CC into YouTube based on a Storyline file?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Donna!

I sounds like you published your Storyline content to a video file, is that right? If so, closed captions won't appear in the video file. 

Since there isn't a way to export all of the closed captions at once, you'll want to export the captions for each audio file individually. 

Keep in mind that the timing of the overall video will be different than the timing of each audio file, so I'd suggest checking out YouTube's options for closed captioning:

I haven't used YouTube's closed captioning tool myself, but I'm sure others in the community can share their experience with you!